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Krista Dunk is an author, speaker and the project director and co-owner of a publishing company called Creative Force Press. Krista’s first book, Step Out and Take Your Place, published in 2011, helps people of God discover their God-given gifts and calling by taking a journey to seek Him. Her second book, Kingdom Seeker’s Devotional: Searching the Deep Things of God, is full of insights, revelation and new awareness obtained from her time with God in prayer, worship and study.

As a child and young adult who struggled with timidity, Krista now finds herself speaking and training in front of audiences large and small. She has also been called to worship as a vocalist and use her American Sign Language skills to inspire others to worship in creative ways; to worship with sign.

Krista and Chris, her husband of 21+ years, live in Washington State with their two children.


Sample Audio Teachings:

Listen to all of Krista’s Church for Entrepreneur segments HERE.


Sample Interview Questions:

What are the biggest mistakes people make when wanting to discover their life’s purpose?
Is it important for people to discover their gifts?
What is “The Gift Discovery Cycle”™?
What are “Calling Components”™?
What are some of the challenges for faith-based businesswomen?
How do aspiring authors get started?
What are some of the things God has spoken to your heart this year?
Why did you write your books?
Why do you think Christians are automatic leaders?
What are a few things that stop aspiring authors in their tracks?
Tell us about your sign language learning process. Why did you learn that skill?
Can sign language, worship music and dance be combined? Why, and how?


Speaking and Presentation Fees:

Fees vary depending on travel distance and whether or not there is a product sales opportunity at the event/venue. Please contact Krista directly for more information.