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Kingdom Seeker's Devotional book cover

Kingdom Seeker’s Devotional:
Searching the Deep Things of God

(copyright 2015)

Retail $13.95, 100 pages, 44 devotions/topics

Many of God’s people know there is more; more power available to His children, more access to heavenly wisdom, more promises we’ve yet to take hold of, more delegated authority we haven’t exercised. In Kingdom Seeker’s Devotional, explore thoughts, prayers and topics brought forth directly from Krista Dunk’s prayer and study journals during her time with the Lord.

Expect to find: Deeper insights into the Kingdom, new understanding of who you are in Christ, greater awareness of your Kingdom authority, thoughts to bring to God in prayer, next-level spiritual truths straight from God’s heart.

Step Out and Take Your Place book cover

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Step Out and Take Your Place:
How to Discover and Live Your Everyday Calling

(copyright 2011)

Retail $17.95, 210 pages, small group topics

You’ve probably heard that God has a plan for your life, right? However, you may not have any idea what that plan is or how to discover it! Or, maybe you do understand your calling, but haven’t stepped out into it. In Step Out and Take Your Place (SOTYP), Krista shares her personal journey of going from a frustrated, jumbled Christian to a flourishing woman driven by God’s purposes and calling.

Get scriptures, concepts, stories AND the practical, how-to information you need to seek God and discover all He has created you for.

Also available: SOTYP Companion Workbook and Discovery Journal

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