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Have you had a book idea on the back burner for a long time?

Do you have a book idea?

Don't know where to begin?

Do you have a partially-written manuscript?

Feeling stuck?

  • Who are you writing to? What are you writing about? How do you start organizing your ideas and book content?

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Client Testimonial

"Writing my first book has been a unique and sometimes challenging experience. When I found out that Krista was a guru in book editing, I was so excited. She stepped in and helped me beyond words. The practical and honest advice she gave me was the exact help my book needed to take it from average to great. I appreciate the time Krista spent with me to initially find out more about my desires for my book, enabling her to provide edits that maintained my goals. Krista is an exceptional editor. Hiring her would be a wise investment for anyone choosing to publish a book!"

—Dr. Joy McDaniel, WA

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More Testimonials:

"And I am so grateful for this course. I have been needing to write this book for years but wasn’t quite sure how to start. And this challenge has been amazing, and I will highly recommend it the next time you do it." —Patti H. 


“Krista, you are wonderful. You have really helped me, and I appreciate that. Thank you for giving me tools and confidence in the process of writing books. I needed this course. I needed you! THANK YOU! Join it now! You will not regret it!” —Landry L., TX


“It freed me! I was stuck in the process of trying to figure out my writing style and doubting if my story is worth writing. I didn’t want to move forward until I had answers to my questions, but I needed “permission” to begin with where I’m at currently and tweak it as I go. Just do it. You’ll be glad you did!” —Lisa L., CO


“This course was exactly what I needed to start and finish my first writing project. I hope to be finished with the rough draft of my book by Friday. The course caused me to set a deadline. Thank you, Krista, for making it available. Massive value from you, as always. “ —Keri L., TX


"This class is a great investment of your valuable time. I was having difficulty moving from notes and an outline to a manuscript. As I struggled with the Day One homework, I realized my problem was lack of focus about the purpose of my book. I did not have a target reader clearly in mind and I had too many messages. Once I was clear about who I was writing to and what I was trying to tell them, I became confident I could write my book. You could have charged more!" —Steve N., WA


“It was great Krista! I'm going to really commit myself to writing this thing and I can't wait to work more with you in the publishing group! In addition to getting a lot of basic 'how to' and 'don't fall into this trap' kind of information, I also found that giving my book writing some concentrated effort really got me off the ground.” —Sandy G., CA


“Was very helpful in organizing writing method. I feel like my process has been streamlined, I'm no longer overwhelmed. Very good info on the mechanics of book writing and publishing options. I started with an idea for a book, a few vague ideas on how to go about it, and maybe half a chapter typed out. I now have a book map, character back stories and descriptions, over 11,000 words written, and a plot timeline (to help ensure I don't end up with plot holes) divided into seven sections. Each section is 2-4 chapters.” —Bekah S., OK


“Krista had a great teaching style; she was professional and kind. You could tell she enjoyed helping the readers with each of their projects. It's a great challenge that contains a lot of great information you'll need for getting a book off the ground and it will get you excited about writing!” —Julie H., VA


"Krista walks you through the steps for writing a book in easy, doable, understandable steps. I highly recommend this class!" —Sandy B., CA


"Krista knows how to motivate you to write the book that’s been waiting inside of you since forever. She is a master at coaching you through the entire process. Well organized and easily understood." —Mark P., UT


"Thank you, Krista! Great information, support and practical help. You are very knowledgeable and supportive of other writers. The challenge is a great way to motivate us to WRITE, get organized and have some accountability."

—Mara D.L.R., AZ


“Three weeks ago, God told me to turn my journal into a book. I was TERRIFIED, overwhelmed, and honestly not sure where even to begin. In just 10 days, I have written 45 pages, started a Facebook community that already has 40 members...and most importantly, I no longer feel overwhelmed. Krista is a wise and patient teacher who so graciously pours into her students and guides us all the way through the process!” —Rachel J., NY


"Do this challenge. There's tons of valuable information and it helps to learn alongside other people. Thanks for this class." —Andy B., WA

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