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Ninja Kitty: Neighborhood Defender

Ninja Kitty (a.k.a. Whiskers) & her animal friends fight off the terrible toads...

Have you ever wondered why cats sleep all day? 

It could be because they have special cat work at night...


In Ninja Kitty: Neighborhood Defender (the first book in the Ninja Kitty book series), join Ninja Kitty on her nightly adventures as she and her animal friends work to keep their neighborhood, Sandy Acres, safe. Ninja Kitty's human family never realizes their sweet housecat named Whiskers is actually a ninja superhero by night. Tonight, Ninja Kitty discovers Sandy Acres' picnic area has been taken over by terrible toads. What will she do?

The Ninja Kitty book series: giving children ages 3-8 fun stories to read and adding new words into their vocabularies.


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© Copyright 100X Publishing. All Rights Reseved.

© Copyright 100X Publishing. All Rights Reseved.